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Glencree Estate was established in the Hundalee Ranges originally as a working high country sheep and beef farm before being converted to a recreational Estate. 

Glencree is situated in the extraordinary Kaikoura coastline with the peak being at 3700ft above sea level. This region is seemingly spectacular with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean to the East and Seaward Kaikouras to the West..

In addition to it's breathtaking views, the Estate also boasts an array of unique experiences located on our 4000acre property and throughout the local region. This includes 4WD and winery tours, mountain biking, whale watching, horse trekking, ocean fishing, and hunting with professional guides.

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Glencree Estate was established to provide an unforgettable experience that we enjoy the pleasure in sharing with our guests.

- Brent Harkerss, owner of Glencree Estate


Home between the Hills

Trapped in almost heaven, 
In every way I look. 
And beauty like no other, 
With every breath I took. 

A sunrise splitting mountains, 
That rises from the sea, 
That highlights every detail, 
Will fill a heart with glee. 

Tweets and whistles echo, 
From many types of bird. 
Which draw you to attention, 
With every tweet that’s heard. 

Beauty spoken softly, 
From the mountain 
As it speaks. 
From gully creeks and rivers, 
To the top of every peak. 

Some views of natural fury, 
With landslides on some steeps, 
Can Highlight 
inbuilt danger. 
That would echo in your sleep. 

A valley of unknown, 
A water fall that beams. 
Releasing hidden secrets 
Like you’ve never seen. 

As Blues sky paints thee backdrop, 
A hawk that kites the breeze. 
A crisp breeze gently touches, 
As it floats in from the seas. 

Charismatic in its own right, 
With views that shan’t be beat. 
As I sit back at the chalet, 
Has made the trip complete.


Jason McPherson- Arrived a client; departed a friend.

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